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The Days of Dancer's Past

They say once a dancer, always a dancer. They also say, one day, you will stop dancing.
I don't agree. At the same time, I agree. I think there are phases of life that we just have to come to terms with and make choices. It's bitter sweet. I am feeling nostalgic. But here's the truth.

I had always loved dancing since I was a kid. From the ballerina that was too fat to continue, to the farmer doing a mish-mash of aerobics and step-kicks in SYF, to sub-standard intense choreography soom-soom-sah styles that only allow me to move at specific parts of a song. I think I've explored almost everything, never training hard in a single thing. So story cut short, I somehow entered the street dance scene and not long after, that scene defined my social circle.

Imagine that, all your friends coming from one interest group, since most of your free time is spent either at dance sessions, classes, events, or just eating with these people. It all works while you're still schoolin…

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